Choose between direct mail and digital mail

8 December 2017

When advertising your product through mail, you can choose between two different types: Digital Mail or Direct Mail. There are quite some differences between those and both can be very lucrative in their own way. However, you do have to understand the differences and not, for example, ‘just’ use e-mail marketing because everything is happening online right now.

How to stand out from other direct mail

16 November 2017

If you want people to notice your direct mail, you can come a long way by using a relevant visual. People’s eyes tend to look to images faster than text so visuals draw immediate attention. Why not add a personalized map to your direct mail as the/a visual? Maps trigger people, they get curious. They will want to know what the map says and will get even more interested when they see their own address on the map. A personal map creates a ‘just for me’ feeling within the target because it’s truly unique per recipient. It makes them feel special. They get all that from ‘just’ a map! Look at our image and see for yourself.

How maps can make your direct mail a success

25 October 2017

Welcome on the first Maps4Mail blogpost! From now on we are going to keep you updated on everything that’s happening in the direct mailing industry. We are also going to inform you on how maps can make your direct mailings more successful and keep you updated on our latest improvements. The first article will be about why you should use maps in your direct mail.