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Below are the answers to the questions customers ask us most frequently. If you have others that are not answered here please contact us.

Map size

We can size our maps to fit your needs. Just give us your finished dimensions and we’ll provide maps to fit your application.

We can deliver high-quality print 300DPI (or less) maps in PNG, JPEG, PDF, PCX or BMP. We recommend PNG or JPEG, which offers the best print quality and compression size. We can also deliver many other file formats.

You can choose color and B/W maps. Customize your maps by sending us your own custom icons and route line options (color/transparency) or ask us to use standard map settings and icons.

Further customisation is possible as well as having a complete map style range based on your own required identity.

Maps are available for North America and most of Europe. Other areas on request.

We use HERE maps (Former NOKIA and NAVTEQ) as our data source and the HERE platform for geocoding and routing. You can verify accuracy on It also depends on accurate input data, since we can only provide maps for valid addresses.

There is a $1.000 start-up cost per new order for orders of less than 100.000 maps. Subsequent orders of maps with the same configuration are subject to a small handling charge. Check out our plans for the price per map per mail piece, based on mail volume.

Unlike some providers, all of our Route and Proximity Maps are licensed for any applications – email, personalised URL and Print. All maps need to contain copyright:

Provide properly formatted lists in CSV, DBF, XLS or XLM with tab delimited fields. Make sure to include control or ID numbers on each record. Please make sure your data is accurate since we can only provide maps for valid addresses. We can only geocode street addresses. PO Boxes are not street addresses. Download data template

The turnover time (after approval of proof maps) for our deliveries is 1-3 days depending on the volume. Maps and files will be delivered to a secure FTP server.

Our standard price per-run for turn-by-turn directions, driving time and distance or converting your addresses into geographic coordinates is the same as our map pricing. Routing and Geo Information are separate deliverables in txt, csv, dbf, excel or xml format.

Your order will always be subject to our Terms and Conditions. The objective of the data and project guidelines document is to ensure that both Maps4Mail and the customer understand and agree on how the services will be performed and on the responsibilities and expectations of each party.

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