Are you making mistakes in your direct mail?

22 February 2018 Are you making mistakes in your direct mail?

Direct mail marketing campaigns can really stand out from digital mail campaigns. Around 78 percent of consumers tend to act directly to direct mail, whereas only 45 percent react to their e-mails right away. This behavior shows the higher value of direct mail compared to the flood of digital mail consumers receive every day. To stand out, marketers go back to the old school direct mail. Even though direct mail offers huge opportunities, more often direct mail campaigns do not succeed as desired due to common mistakes. To make your direct mail campaign a success, we collected five common mistakes for you.

#1 Using the wrong mailing list

Many companies use a mailing list which does not represent the desired target audience or is outdated. Hence, the response rate to the send out mailings is quite low. Therefore, it is important to use a current and targeted mailing list for a direct mail campaign.

#2 No personalization in your direct mail

Nowadays, the technology offers the opportunity to use variable tailored content for each customer. For example, customer preferences such as name, location or gender can influence the content and design used in your direct mail content.

#3 Missing a call to action

The direct mail piece is missing a call to action. Often the recipients are not clearly instructed on what they are expected to do. Should they call you? Send you an e-mail? Check your website? Visit your business? State a concrete call to action, to get your customers where you want them to be and receive a response to your direct mail.

Our special tip for you to really stand out: if you want your customers to visit your business, use a personalized map to show them where to find you.

#4 Poor testing

Often direct mail is sent out without or poorly being tested. To make your direct mail piece as effective as possible it should be tested before finally forwarding it to your customer. To avoid this mistake, you could previously create a pool of testers, consisting of your own employees and close business partners, who'll provide you with feedback on your planned direct mailing.

#5 Exaggeration

Another tricky part, which defines the success of a direct mailing campaign is the language used. Very often superlatives and very strong, promising word are used to hype a product or service. Instead of doing so, the benefits for your customers, should be emphasized and explained in your direct mail.

To conclude the before mentioned information: after testing, your direct mail should be personalized, informative and addressed to your desired target audience. It should also state a clear call to action. By avoiding the above mentioned common mistakes you are on your way to launch a successful direct mail campaign.