Why does everyone keep suggesting direct mail isn’t dead?

13 June 2018 Why does everyone keep suggesting direct mail isn’t dead?

If you are in to reading blogs about direct mail, you have probably noticed that about one in two articles about this subject is called ‘Direct Mail Isn’t Dead’. Most of the time you’ll find these articles on websites that belong to companies that specialize in direct mail. So, the fact that these companies exist, already makes it kind of obvious direct mail isn’t dead, right?

Special touch

People are used to constantly innovating technologies. Our way of communicating went from letters, to email, to text and now to modern day chat apps. That’s why direct mail can feel a little old fashioned. But that’s also why it works. We get so many emails every day, but how many letters do we get? A few per month? Direct mail does something an email, or any other marketing campaign, can’t do. Because of the personalized touch of direct mail, the receiver feels special.


That’s also a fact that can be used within a direct mailing campaign. Direct mail is very effective because it is personalized, so personalize it even more! Show them the route to your nearest location or, if there is an average use time for your product, remind them that they’re probably ready to buy again. Or just show them your location on a map of the neighborhood. These are just some of the many examples on how to personalize direct mail.

Good old fashioned

So, if it wasn’t already obvious, direct mail is not dead. It has a uniqueness that can’t easily be replaced. There are a lot of people out there trying to convince everyone direct mail isn’t dead. That must mean a lot of people think it’s dead. Use that in your advantage. Be refreshing in an old fashioned way.