How maps can make your direct mail a success

25 October 2017 How maps can make your direct mail a success

Welcome on the first Maps4Mail blogpost! From now on we are going to keep you updated on everything that’s happening in the direct mailing industry. We are also going to inform you on how maps can make your direct mailings more successful and keep you updated on our latest improvements. The first article will be about why you should use maps in your direct mail.

The easiest way to let people know where you are, is by showing them on a map. What if that map not only shows your location, but also shows your (potential) clients location and maybe even the best route to get to your business? That sounds great, right?
Well, that’s exactly what we do at Maps4Mail. We work with personalized maps. A personalized map provides the potential client with directions to get them from their location, to yours. You can also use it for showing prospects points of interest or participating retailers of a discount. Maps4Mail will make your mailing personal, help you increase the impact of your direct mail and drive store traffic, brand loyalty and retention. Personalized maps increase both loyalty and response rates.

Maps4Mail uses dynamic routing technology. We can help you find the closest location(s) within a radius around your customer or prospect. We can also deliver turn-by-turn directions, driving time and distance as well as convert your addresses into geographic coordinates. The maps can drive customers to your business.

Still in doubt? Take a look at what maps to for your Direct Mail:

  • Maps increase attention and response rates

  • Maps contain valuable information

  • Map mailings stand out from conventional mailing campaigns

Maps4Mail can customize the map to your wishes. You can keep it simple or go crazy with colors, icons and route lines. We use HERE maps as our data source and the HERE platform for geocoding and routing. Check out their website to verify their accuracy.