How to stand out from other direct mail

16 November 2017 How to stand out from other direct mail

If you want people to notice your direct mail, you can come a long way by using a relevant visual. People’s eyes tend to look to images faster than text so visuals draw immediate attention. Why not add a personalized map to your direct mail as the/a visual? Maps trigger people, they get curious. They will want to know what the map says and will get even more interested when they see their own address on the map. A personal map creates a ‘just for me’ feeling within the target because it’s truly unique per recipient. It makes them feel special. They get all that from ‘just’ a map! Look at our image and see for yourself.

The maps work for both print and online and gives the target an immediate visualization on how to get to your (nearest) business. It saves them the time and effort of looking up how to get to you. This will make them come to you faster since they already know how to get there and how long it takes. Also, saying it only takes five minutes to get to your location or actually showing them the five minutes makes a big difference. Showing them is way more persuasive. Start using Maps4Mail today! Personal maps for that personal touch.