Variable maps for prize and sweepstake promotions

Boost direct mail with maps to attract and excite potential prize-winning customers

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Lottery example
Lottery example

Lead future prize winners into the right direction

Maps4Mail is often used in direct mail for sweepstakes, contests and other similar promotions as an effective way to reach existing or prospective customers and turn them into prize winners. A personalized map grabs the customer’s attention by showing his or her home’s location in relation to previous prize-winners in their neighbourhood. Maps can enhance campaign results by getting people to act. We offer a variety of customized maps to help you successfully market and fulfill your promotional program or contest. It’s a cost-efficient way to generate excitement among potential customers.

  • Grab the recipients attention by showing his or her home’s location
  • Show the recipients all prize winners from the recipients’ neighbourhood
  • Specify distances and locations where customers can buy prize tickets
  • Use customized maps to match your brand