Personalized variable maps for direct mail

Increase direct mail response rates with personalized maps

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Why choose Maps for direct mail?

Maps4Mail offers you personalized variable maps that are different for each address in your mailing. Show several of nearby store locations or highlight the route from a customer’s home right to a store. Our attention-getting maps work for any industry – they can drive customers to your business.

Maps contain valuable information

A map can show a lot of information in seconds. Show your customers how to get from their home to your business location!

Maps increase attention and response rates

Seeing a map grabs attention because people look at the map and think “Hey, that’s where I live!” Proven to boost response substantially.

Map mailings stand out from the rest

People love visual content. Our eyes are drawn to images faster than text. People also like to receive old school mail again.

Here's how Maps4Mail works

Send us your list

Provide your mailing list databases.

We create your maps

Maps4Mail creates map images for each record.

Delivery to FTP

We deliver your maps to a secure FTP server.

The power of the map!

Power the map
  • Grab the customer’s attention by showing their home location
  • Show the route a prospect would take to visit your business location
  • Let the addressee know that they’re only “X minutes away” from your location
  • Use customized maps to match your brand

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Map features that drive direct mail response

Show how close you are and help customers to find you

Maps can show the recipient’s home address plus several other points of interest – it’s great for pinpointing participating retailers of a discount or loyalty program. Maps4Mail will make your mailing truly personal and help you increase the impact of your direct mail and drive foot traffic, brand loyalty and retention.

Personalised Geo Services

Personalized Geo Services

Maps4Mail uses dynamic routing technology. We can help you finding the closest location(s) within a radius around your customer or prospect We can also deliver turn-by-turn directions, driving time and distance and convert your addresses into geographic coordinates.

Custom maps to match every brand

Maps4Mail can create custom map styles to match every brand. From colors to fonts and icons, we can customize everything to match any brand. Colourful icons or graphics can help get the message across. Choose route maps, proximity maps and add driving directions for even more impact.

Powerful effective 3D maps

Use new creative and effective map formats for your next personalized mail pieces. A 3D map has a lot of attention-grabbing impact and stands out in your mailing. 3D maps can be used as location-maps but can also be used for (access) route maps